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Originally Posted by Povl Carstensen View Post
"The Fed room"? Sorry but I will still believe that Federers stick is basically a stock K90 with a few grams of lead tape under the bumper and a custom grip. So no lawsuit on my part for that. However, with the advent of the BLX, its a bit more confusing...
And no, it was me talking about Nate. You talked about an anonymous stringer who probably never handled Federers racket.
But you are right about the quality control sucking in many brands. I just bought a BLX90 demo racket at my local store, and it weighs exactly the announced 339 grams unstrung. I wonder whether they make an effort to keep demo rackets on spec...
Maybe demo frames come from "the Fed room" and are made of magic high quality crystals
BTW is Fed staying at "the Fed room" when he visits the wilson factory to try out new amazing crystals?
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