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Originally Posted by Gasolina View Post
Do you have a reason why you like to string with poly mains and syn gut crosses? I tried that setup only once and I found it too much for me. Didn't want to swing till my arm falls off on every rally.

I found that soft co-polys work best for the stick. The 16x18 pattern helps with arm issues and even adds to the spin you get from polys.

Hitting flat may not be the best for this setup too. Have you tried a full bed of a good multi? I tried Biphase at 51lbs on the XL 95 and found that setup to be the best for flattening it out
I'm not sure, but I thought I read it on here somewhere that that setup mentioned above worked pretty well with the Yonex. Most likely it was probably for my Prince -_- HAHA. I think I might try Babolat Revenge on both of em next time I restring.

So, I've rallied and played three or four sets with the Luxilon Savage on the mains at 58# & PSG on the crosses and I didn't have any pain afterwards. I think I just really needed the strings to loosen up on me or something. Strange though, because I had Luxilon Big Banger Alu Rough on the mains at 60# & PSG on the crosses at 57# and didn't have a problem at all from the start.

I probably won't buy anything new for the rest of the year, unless it's Yonex's replacement for the XL 95. Who knows, I might change my mind though.
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