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Originally Posted by Wilson 1986 View Post
sorry, you mean a pressure pot for paint spraying.
I have used these before when I worked in a spray booth.
I never thought of using one of them.
Wilson, I think you are the right person for the job. I did a quick search on **** and got MANY HITS. This are going for as cheap as $110, which is not bad. However, they are pretty sturdy. I think for the type of use we have to give it, the quality of some of the components should be ignore.

Here is what I think, based on your knowledge, can you recommend a 10 galon (based on Tes' post that will hold two cases, which is exactly what I need) spray paint pot? What we need is to be as light as possible and not bulky.

If I want to check out some myself, what is the best place to check it out?
If I want to buy used, what places would you recommend. Once I have an idea of what is that I want/need, I can then order from ****, if not available in my area.
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