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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
heftylefty, my explanation was more general and obviously doesn't apply to every single person. i wasn't trying to write a graduate thesis that covers every possible scenario. there will always be those exceptions because people are individuals and individuals are unique. and yes, obviously if you don't have enough talent, you're not going to get to the top of the game regardless of what environment you grow up in. i can certainly agree w/ you there.
Talent is important yes,but the will to achieve is far more important.I have a friend who started speed skating in his early teens (which is fairly late) and he really had very little 'talent' as compared to some of the 'natural' athletes he was up against ( yes,PED'S are rife here too). He was single minded for a number of years,living,breathing,sleeping,eating to achieve the goal of World Champion.It all culminated after 12 years of unbelievable sacrifice against some of your US champs like Hedrick,Parra and Muse,who I think we can agree,all had talent by the truck full.NOTHING is set in stone provided you are prepared to work for it.
Never give up.Never,never,never,never.
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