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Next is pacific poly force original. Strung at 51/49

Stringing:ugh, not fun. It's really stiff and sharp. Tough even for poly

Groundstrokes: my favorite string period for groundstrokes. It's low powered, has ample spin, and has plenty of pop. It has a little bit of a harsh feedback, but plays well regardless.
Overall: 9.5/10

Serves: good. Plenty of pop, and you can get spin and weight as well.
Overall: 8/10

Volleys: surprisingly good for a poly. You can really crunch volleys and touch shots aren't too difficult.
Overall: 8/10

Durability:good, but tension maintenance is pretty sub par. You get settling tension loss, then at about the 5 hour mark it suddenly drops again.
Overall: 7/10

Stiffness- 1 being the softest, 10 being the stiffest
Overall- 9.5/10

It's a great baseliners string. As a matter of fact, if someone can get the full use of poly, it's the one I recommend the most.
Overall: 9/10

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