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Reserved for pacific classic/sppp at 56/53.

Stringing- I always get nervous stringing gut mains and poly crosses. This wasn't as bad as the guy that insists on gut mains and bbo rough crosses. Sppp slid pretty easy. No friction burn.

Groundstrokes- interesting. The first five shots, I got that crazy drop on the ball. Then it just kind of left me for 20 minutes and felt like regular gut. Powerful, felt great, and ok spin. However, after that period, it started to get better. And better. And better. The longer I played with it the more the spin increased, the better the feel, and the more confidence I got. After two hours I'm awfully tempted to stick with it.
Overall:9/10 so far

Serves- same thing. During that break in period, felt great but didn't hit great. Then I started getting great action and pop on my serves. By far my favorite setup for serving.

Volleys- heres where the break in was not an issue. It started well and stayed consistent throughout. Great touch, but it was easy to punch a volley deep as well. Overheads sometimes felt overpowered though.

Durbility- time to fill this in. It broke clean in the center after about 7 hours. I'm sticking with it though because it played so well.
Overall: 6/10

Stiffness- 1 being the softest, 10 being the stiffest
Overall- 4/10

So far, so great. I'll keep updating on this one, as it seems it will only get better. Durability is my only concern. If this holds up, I'm probably going to be a gut mains guy.
Overall- 9/10 (not perfect because durability is a little lacking)

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