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I have this match on DVD. What sticks in my mind were the embarrassing umpiring errors in this match, the worst ones being:

1. The umpire called the score 15-15 when it should have been 30-0. The players didn't correct the umpire, and when Connors thought he'd won a love game, the umpire was calling out "40-15". Connors says, "that's game, mate".

2. Connors (the server) wins the first point of a game, only for the umpire to call out "0-15" and not even realise his error until Connors embarrassed him. "Play on, Mr. Connors", "What's the score, mate?", "0-15", "How do you figure that?", LOLs from audience.

3. McEnroe twists his ankle and tries to shake off some of the pain during a game by shaking his ankle in the air. The umpire then goes "play on please, Mr. McEnroe. Play on." McEnroe then gave the umpire a rollicking at the change of ends saying that he was entitled to a 3 minute medical timeout and that telling him to "play on" just made things worse. McEnroe said to the umpire that he obviously had no clue as to what the rules were.

And yes, that interview with Connors and Barry Davies at the end
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