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Originally Posted by kylebarendrick View Post
While watching a pro match (SAP open) I saw a player shank a ball high into the air that landed in the stands. The linesperson dutifully waited the several seconds it took the ball to actually make contact with a fan before calling "out". I do think it is a good habit to signal every out ball as out. That way there is never an argument. I quick flash of an index finger shouldn't bother anyone.
If we present this professional linesperson as an example of model behavior, then we might as well follow her lead and loudly and clearly announce "out" when the ball hits the back fence. That way our opponent and any spectator will clearly know the outcome of the point. Why sneak in a quick flash of the index finger?

Alternatively, I have found found it helpful to place those huge foam fingers

near the back fence during my matches. I use it to signal out using that whenever my opponent's balls hits the back fence. I wouldn't want an argument to ensue because it wasn't clear to my opponent that his ball was out.

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