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Originally Posted by TripleB View Post
For the traditional any comments on which ones stay in the racquet the best?

Any chance you tried a 64 size rubber band?

I edited my post to answer which don't fly off

I have not tried a 64 rubberband in a long time. Yet I was at the office store today and they sell 1 pound bags of them for $7. Rubber bands dry up and you replace them as needed. I just don't like them much because I'd have to use about 10 of them to get the damp I want. Much easier to just use the Prince Silencer to cover 10 mains and be done with it. Further, I don't like how the ends of the rubber bands flap around. Seems sloppy.

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Money question - How does the Sampras Dampener compare to Menard's grommets? I am a believer in the SampDamp, and love the feel of it.
The Sampras walls are thicker and it weighs more but the Menard's grommet flexes more so pushes more on the strings so about a wash. So same damp but Menard's weighs less.

Originally Posted by dman72 View Post
I have 3 prince silencer/dampners and I'm done. They're the best and all you'll ever need, although they are somewhat weighty. It's basically like attaching 3 small dampners across your mains.
Well I wish Prince would hurry up and send that $100k since I'm endorsing their Silencer as the best of the 14 I listed in my review. Somehow I have not seen the check in my mail box yet....but I'll keep checking.

And I did not take into account regional differences (some places don't have Menard's). Home Depot has essentially the same neoprene 1/2" grommets,
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