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I've called 3 walmarts in miami and they don't have only?

So I found a place that carries it (I hope) as well as a 22 quart Miro, for around $ gauge, but I'll have to wait till Monday to see if they actually have any on hand.

The Presto has a gauge and hopefully it goes up to over 15 psi....20 to 25 will do fine, in that I believe 20 is the right number and I don't want the gauge to go south.

This leaves 2 openings to deal with. Hopefully a tire valve will fit in one and the other will probably have to be blocked (safety rubber plug that will blow at over 15 lbs}

If that works out, I don't see why it wouldn't hold pressure for 24-48 hours or more?

12" pvc pipe is either pricey by the foot or $200 for a length. Then you have to deal with fittings, gauge, glue, etc and it doesn't inspire as much confidence as aluminum....
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