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Reserved for weisscannon scorpion

Finally got to this.

Stringing- Easy for a poly. Soft enough to weave, but still not exactly easy.

Groundstrokes- These strings are really very good for groundstrokes. They don't blow me out of the water, but they have low power and great control. Spin can be a little lacking though.
Overall: 8/10

Serves- Again, just really good. Not fantastic, not outstanding, but good. Ample power, decent spin, and a good feel.

Volleys- Very nice. This is my favorite part of this setup. It has really nice feel for a poly, and has enough give that touch shots are good. Attacking volleys were good as well.
Overall- 9/10

Durability-Physically, about average for a poly. Again, it is weissCANNON, so it holds tension incredibly well.
Overall- 9/10

Stiffness- Soft for a poly, but not arm friendly by any means.
Overall- 7/10

This is a really solid performing string from all areas. It does everything well. One of my favorite polys in a full bed because it makes a cracking sound I absolutely love.
Overall- 8/10

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