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i haven't played the addiction yet and probably won't do so in the next future as i want to finish my structured poly playtest, and i don't want to mess things up, so probably by the time i'm about to hit with it it will be out of production.

but just to give me a feel for what you have written about (very good review by the way - congrats), what other multis do you compare it with when you say it's your favourite.

personally i have been a longtime nxt tour 17 player until i ventured into the poly, respectively hybrid world. in regard to recent multis my experience is limited to wilson nxt tour, nxt, sensation, reaction, isospeed professional new, tecnifibre multifeel, mantis power synthetic and comfort synthetic.
the mcs is my favourite but i have been mainly using the mps for durability reasons. now things seem to be changing with my time window and i might give the mcs another shot, as i'm going through the mains in something around 6-7 hours lately and that's what i used to get out of the mcs too.
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