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After nearly a month of play - about 30+ hours of play - the following hybrid test is still playing consistently well with solid comfort, feel, control, and spin. Very minor notching. Great touch and nice power.

Strings: KLIP Legend Tour 17g mains @ 52 / MSV Co-Focus 18 @ 48

Power: A-
Control: (+ ranked) A-
Feel: A
Comfort: (+ ranked) A
Spin: A+

Comments: Great ball pocketing and lively response. Very "Liquid" or "Airy" sensation when hitting ("Spaghetti Strings"?). Great bite on the ball - terrific spin potential. Slightly muted power (balls stayed in play). Larger sweet spot. Tons of dwell time.

After 6 hours of play with the MSV Co-Focus 18g hybrid @ 48 (with KLIP Legend Tour 17g mains @ 52) in my Head Youtek Prestige Pro I am ready to declare this playtest to an end. Every time I put down this racquet to try one with another poly (Weiss Silverstring or Kirshbaum Pro Line II) while they both feel very good, I can wait to get back to the MSV. The feel and ball pocketing is SO much better. I have never felt strings with so much comfort, spin, control, and feel. The power is dialed down just a tad from the other two strings, but more balls go IN the court as a result. My groundstrokes and serves are much more consistent than they have been with anything else to date and it feels like the racquet is simply an part of my arm - it is almost as if I am "throwing the ball" back. The sweet spot feels huge and the picketing is insane! I am totally addicted. It is really like a whole new game for me. Fantastic!

SMASHER, how is you test with Pacific as the mains and C0-Focus 18 ply in the crosses going?
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