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To fgs:

I have tried babolat excel, Wilson nxt, mcs, nrg2, x-1 biphase, and most othe technibre multis.

I like addiction for a couple reasons.

1)price. It's not 200+ for a reel. It's like 150, which isn't cheap, but not horrendous.

2)feel. It's a little stiff for a multi, which is good because I don't like a mushy stringed.

3)spin (for a multi). It's not quite rip control spin, but it's more predictable. It also goes back to the feel department. Rip, I would sometimes hit a shot that would have way more power than I wanted or way more spin. Addiction has a nice, even, consistent response.

4)lastly, power level. It's lower powered for a multi, not quite rip/mcs, but not overpowered. It also holds tension pretty well.
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