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Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
Well it's more realistic, before on defense you could hit unrealistic laser slices that would instantly turn the point for you. Does that happen in real tennis when a guy is 10 ft behind the baseline? Of course not. So all in all it's more realistic.

Sounds like a lot of you were slice cheesers, which this update finally killed. The slice was overpowered anyways, how many slice FH winners do you see in a real match? In TS4 before the update the slice FH was one of the strongest shots, lol. Now slice is actually a strategic defensive shot instead of a powerful offensive shot. I like it.
I agree, this patch definitely made the gameplay a great deal more realistic. But I suddenly feel that post patch, the slice isn't even practical in a defensive position. Sure the sniper slice shots that turned the tide of a rally were annoying, but I can help but feel they nerfed the slices a tad too much. Guys like Fed are meant to have great slices, they could've at least nerfed the fh slice and tweaked the bh slice so as to make it less of an offensive weapon and more defensive but still make it so that it still stayed low.

Btw sorry I didn't respond to your invite, I was downloading resi 4 and ust left my Xbox on while I was doing homework.
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