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This was definitely better. It took all aspects of the WT or LT mains with MSV crosses and stepped them up a notch. Spin wasn't quite as good, but the balls just come off with so much authority. I hit for a moment with my old coach (went home to see my parents) from high school, and he was amazed at how much different my strokes were. He was teaching an adult clinic and came onto the court to watch me hit and commented on just how much my shots were penetrating the court. That's fine in itself, but what made it great for me was that I didn't have to try to get the strings to do what I wanted. That's exactly why I had been using Scorpion in the first place and I presume why it's the #1 control string on the string forum. It's interesting though because I have to revise my ratings. I didn't think I'd find something more appropriate for my game than WT/Co Focus, but LT/Scorpion is definitely the replacement.
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