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Took some time to test this patch out some more and played for an hour or two and now I realized that this patch is terrible. It's one thing to balance and tweak slices so that you're not hitting impossible winners from defensive positions or hitting ridiculous slices on the defensive that changes the dynamics of the rally; but its another to nerf the slice to the point where it's impractical to use it under any circumstances. This patched has practically relegated the slice to being a shot that, no matter what position you're in and how time you have to set up, will land short and is practically a guarenteed winner for your opponent.

Not to mention this slice patch only makes Fed worse (who was already a crap character to begin with) who at least had a decent slice to compensate for his poorly distributed stats anyways. Now he doesn't even have that anymore. I'm playing Fed, there's no reason why his slice is on par with Nadal's despite both reality and his in-game slice ability.

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