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heftylefty, my explanation was more general and obviously doesn't apply to every single person. i wasn't trying to write a graduate thesis that covers every possible scenario. there will always be those exceptions because people are individuals and individuals are unique. and yes, obviously if you don't have enough talent, you're not going to get to the top of the game regardless of what environment you grow up in. i can certainly agree w/ you there.
I agree with you, and your overlook explains many things.I also think there are trends and upheavals.Look at Sweden, they are past the post Borg and Post Edberg era, they have the means but no top star...Spain is not poor, at least top spanish players come from middle to high class, still Spain has the greatest amount of top players.I think trneds happen too.

Australia is a pretty well off country, with great weather and sporting conditions.But, after Hewitt and Rafter, nobody shoots the door.And, still, to have a champ like Hewitt or Rafter, they had to wait till Newcombe retired almost 2o years ago.

Maybe, answer is there is not enough money, in terms of sponsors and raising funds to make it appealing for the young americans.Or maybe, the media focus on other sporting figures, which deprives young kids to have a look and develop the will for tennis.
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