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Originally Posted by flyinghippos101 View Post
Sure, slices were a vital part of my guy's game and I definitely agree that they were overpowered. But tweaking it to the opposite extreme is hardly a suitable remedy. Why not establish a good medium and have it still be a practical shot?

And i'm still winning matches with Fed, but it's harder. It's not that I relied on Fed's slice too much, but it was definitely a shot that I used to tie his game together. Sure slices are predominantly a defensive shot, but it's not beyond the realm of possibility to change the rhythm of the rally with a decent slice during a neutral rally. It was only uber defensive slices that raised eyebrows. And this patch , IMO, I feels completely neglects this.
I agree. They RUINED Becker for me like I said, the funny thing is i've played with a few guys now. I used to HATE Nadal, but now out of the 5 guys I tried, his slice is the best. Weird!?! I don't think they nerfed his at all. Nadal slices as well as everyone else used to. Try it out if you don't believe me. Now im Him/Murray/Roddick the most, and can't play with Becker to save my life.
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