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Originally Posted by Z-Man View Post
I disagree with some of you--not everyone does it. It's cheating. It's like making the net lower, the player taller, the service box bigger. I ran some trig on it once, and every inch a player steals really effects the geometry of the court. Also, don't forget the ball is traveling faster.

I usually wait for an ace and then say something like "nice serve--think you can hit that one from behind the line?". Or even better, if they question a line call on their serve, you could say "you had the length right--you just stood too close."

I don't think the guy in question is knowingly cheating..(unless he's been told and refuses to change his service stance), but it's still an unfair advantage. I guess I don't care enough about winning to make things turn ugly by calling a foot fault during a silly league match, so honestly, I'm watching him during warm ups next time we play, and if he's still inside the line, I'm going to start my serve a foot inside the line. We'll see if he gets the point. My only fear with that is that it screws up my serve for the next match.
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