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Default NFL 2011 discussion thread!

Talk up your teams guys and gals. Trash talking encouraged, but let's not get shut down by the mods.

I'll start..

My Gmen beat the Birds, but not because they played that well as the Eagles were about as sharp as a sack of wet mice. The Giants are decimated by injuries, but they harassed Vick and knocked him out of the game (with a bruised non-throwing hand - what a man), and were able to capatilize on Eagles mistakes. The Birds $15M cornerback triumverate made 1 pick but allowed 4 TD passes.

Look, here's the deal - Vick has been figured out by the league. The Eagles offensive line is not good enough to protect him from the schemes that defenses are throwing at him. Last year he took opposing defenses by surprise, but that's over.

As for the Gmen, sometimes I'm glad that Manning is not a superstar, because he flies under the radar. Defensive coordinators don't really get their backs up when he comes to town. But his offensive line is solid, and his RBs are healthy. If they can get healthy overall, I see 11-5 this season.

The Eagles are in for an epic fail: 7-9
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