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Originally Posted by Biscuitmcgriddleson View Post
That assumes Federer would even meet Nadal. Doubt he would given his results. But hey let's keep brushing over the fact Nadal's style is dependent upon fitness and athletic ability and Federer's is an attacking game which takes more time to develop.
This was my point. Federer's rise to being a regular tournament winner was actually a fairly sudden thing. Before that his performances were patchy. On clay after some initial promise with a good run in RG (first slam he reached quarters of) he became pretty dire until after he had won a few slams and reached number one (except for Hamburg where he seemed to do well) On hardcourt he was patchy but so was Nadal so given how for years and even now Nadal and Federer hardly ever meet in a hardcourt tournament (it got to a point where if both were in seperate semi and the first semi resulted in one of them winning, you could put money on the other guy losing) they might not have met very often. And when Federer get's into the top 8 then he needs to make quarters to play anyone in the top 5.
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