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Update - 20 hours

I don't know how much longer she'll last. The spin is just wonderful, but like I said, the notching is growing exponentially. I've put in about a dozen more string savers, but the notches are just ubiquitous and deep.

I'm not sure to what extent playing in slightly wet conditions had on the mains, but the notching took off like wildfire shortly after that. Also immediately noticeable was that I'd need to straighten out the mains a couple of times an hour.

Otherwise this setup has been phenomenal.and a real treat to hit with.

String movement: minor, intermittant
Power: excellent
Spin potential: outstanding*
Arm-friendliness: very good to excellent
Feel: very good
Fraying: virtually none
Notching: significant, widespread
Durability: good
6 x Head MGPMs, 3 x Head i.PMs, Gamma X-ELS
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