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Originally Posted by Up&comer View Post

Weisscannon black5edge mains and babolat addiction crosses 53/55

Stringing-easy. Poly/ multi hybrids are always easy.

Groundstrokes- really, really good. They weren't exceptional, but they were solid. I got better feedback with the multi crosses, and control was there. There wasn't just gobs of spin, but there was plenty to control it. It didn't make it easy to hit a really penetrating shot, but it wasn't incredibly difficult. Overall, just a good solid groundstroke setup

Serves- my favorite part of this setup. As I have said before, I'm more of a variation spin and placement rather than an overpowering server. This setup just clicked on serves for some reason. I could place it well and get plenty of spin and pop. Truthfully, it's my favorite serving setup in a long time.

Volleys- another place where this is a really good setup. The biggest thing you need to do with b5e is get a soft string in the crosses. This just opens up the stringbed on volleys and touch shots. It also makes it really easy to crunch volleys deep. Touch shots were easy, and getting a good knife on the volley was easy as well. Really a very good volleying setup.

Durability- iffy. I break multi crosses at around the 5 hour mark most of the time. The b5e might lessen that because it's already digging into the crosses. It's not going to have bad durability, but it won't be great

So far, this has actually made it right up there as one of my favorite setups, simply because serves are easy and volleys as well as groundstrokes are consistent. I'm going to play this to breakage and see how it changes over it's lifetime.

Overall (so far)- 9/10

Tell us about the softness too. Don't forget many of us old guys have experienced arm injuries at some point.
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