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- Both Agassi and Courier still can and did knock the bejesus out of the ball. Of course we already know this, but Courier's BH was really a surprise, because I don't remember him generating such pace with it, especially CC. (I didn't keep an exact count, but I doubt he fared all that worse in his BH exchanges with Agassi.) How much of that is due to the equipment or my hazy memory, I can't say.
Which is why I always chuckle at comments about how bad Courier's bh was by those who never saw him play. Courier's bh was a weapon. Not quite at Agassi's level, but, close.

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- None of these guys are slouches at the net; even Agassi displayed some good touch up there. (For the record I do think Agassi's touch is often overlooked, but you don't really expect it in the front court apart from a few swinging volleys.) Chang and even Courier would be considered among the better net players today.

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Correct! Agassi has always been an extremely talented player in every respect, including having great touch. His only real weakness was hitting on the stretch, and the diminution of his kick serve in the later half of his career, which he explained was the result of a congential lumbar spine defect. But for that, he may have been greater than Sampras.

I also agree about Chang and Courier's net play. The best net player I've seen over the past 6-7 years is probably Nalbandian. After that maybe Ralph. So, the bar isn't that high.

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