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Lightbulb Make the racket more head light during outdoor play

Originally Posted by kelkat View Post
In which environment do you play better? We have a 32 week indoor league here. And every spring I go outside and play throughout the summer. Then fall comes and I cant wait to go back inside. Outdoors, sometimes I seem to have trouble "feeling" my balance... like I am slightly unsteady. My serve isn't nearly as effective, and I feel like I just can't wail on the ball like I can indoors. I have a lot of topspin but I can control it better indoors (probably because I feel better balanced) But I love the fresh air (no wind, haha) and the sun (as long as I am not serving in it) I am sure I am not alone. I would imagine most people's game is better/more consistent indoors. But I could be wrong....
I find that during Outdoor play, it is much better if you use little more head light balanced racket. It is little more difficult to time the ball outdoors due to wind and other elements. If you have more head light racket, you can make the adjustments much quicker.
I recommend you Take off the Head guard during outdoor season to make the racket more head light. Or ,,, punch some Holes in the head guard to make it more light.
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