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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Glad Cofocus worked for you but I didn't have the same experience. It did not feel as solid as SPPP but it did have better tension maintenance.

I just strung up a new set of SPPP and it feels great. I guess I can live with 10 hours of good play given SPPP is a cheap string if purchased in a reel.
Just checked my tension now after 35 hours of play and I have lost just 15% of the RA - which is excellent compared to the old poly/multi hybrids I had been using. Fraying on the KLIP Legend Tour 17 gut in minimal. Play seems very close to when it was new. The MSV Co-Focus 18 in the reel comes to about $3.00 a racquet.

Are you cutting out your SPPP every ten hours and keeping the gut mains? I was advised against this for a myriad of reasons - mostly the chance of warping the frame. If not, sounds like an expensive proposition as opposed to the MSV.
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