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That's some awesome news...
A grander scale than Boreal/Donner, where you can hop a fence and ride the other resort legally with a extra $$$ lift ticket.
Couple decades ago, OK, maybe 4, a group of us skiing at Squaw, led by some famous old timers ...NelsonChen, TimRichardson, and a couple of the guys who pioneered jumping off the cornice above Siberia, rode down to Alpine from the backside of OlympicLady, because the ski patrol was waiting at KT. Took quite a while, maybe an hour and a half, and we came out at the access road into Alpine, but NOT near any chair lifts. Like right at the very end of the parking lot for a long walk up to the ticket office to call for a ride..this was obviously before cell phones, but Nelson had one...maybe 1974 or so, but his didn't come close to working outside of the City.
I mostly remember being tail gunner and cramping my right leg on the long right hand traverse.
We'd done the trail down N of the Tram that year, a very huge snow year. I haven't skied or boarded Desolation since the mid '70's.
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