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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
That's some awesome news...
Couple decades ago, OK, maybe 4, a group of us skiing at Squaw, led by some famous old timers ...NelsonChen, TimRichardson, and a couple of the guys who pioneered jumping off the cornice above Siberia, rode down to Alpine from the backside of OlympicLady, because the ski patrol was waiting at KT. Took quite a while, maybe an hour and a half,.
Awesome story, sounds like a blast. I've looked down toward Alpine Meadows road from the top of KT and it looks like it would take about 5 minutes to get down there. Unfortunately I won't be able to find out legally, as there will not be on snow access between the mountains, only be shuttle. I wish they could secure the permits to finish the lift. For heck sake, they already have the lift towers up!
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