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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
That's what I was thinking. The only reason I can think of is the same reason Djokovic has never won Cinci - bad luck. I'm sure Djokovic could win cinci but it's always eluded him, the US Open would have been the same if he had lost again this year. Maybe Nadal has just had the wrong guy at the wrong time when he's been in a Miami final. Plus looking at who he's had - Federer, Davydenko (who has a big advantage on hardcourts against Nadal) and Djokovic who also has had the beating of Nadal on a hardcourt, and this year had the beating of him everywhere. If he got Murray in a Miami final he might win it.
This is another good point, just like you brought up Hamburg where Federer does really well and has even defeated Nadal on clay, but has yet to do so at the French.

Tennis gets a little strange at times for sure.
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