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Well, I finally got the strings delivered and strung them up last night.

Pacific Classic 16L / CoFocus 1.18

Strung at 56/52

I went out and hit for about an hour and a half so I am still undecided on how I feel about this setup. Smasher, I know that you said it needs a few hours to break in to see the extra spin, however, I am wondering about the power level.

I really feel that I need to swing out in order to get good depth. As you pointed out previously, if I don't forcefully put enough topspin while I am swinging out, the ball just launches.

I was hoping this setup would allow me to hit a nice fluid stroke to get good depth, while helping me generate extra spin when called upon.

Do you feel it is just a matter of letting the strings break in? Or maybe I should drop the tension even lower?

I'll give it a few more sessions until I hit the 6 hour mark before I make any determination.

smasher, what are your thoughts?
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