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one more thing - becker said before the match that sampras serves big, but not as big as stich, whom he played in qf...agassi basically said the same before their qf match, comparing sampras to krajicek (agassi beat krajicek round earlier)

Thanks for the interesting stats. Well to me that statement show two things:

1. They could have been talking in terms of that particular tournament and the inflamed shoulder Sampras was suffering, he was getting a lot of treatment throughout that tournament and particularly against Agassi in the quarterfinal when the trainer came on a couple of times to administer treatment. The BBC commentators pointed out Sampras' injury right from the start of the match ( I think it was John Barrett and Bill Threllfall) that Sampras was serving around 100 to 110 mph where usually he would serve well over between 120 and 130 mph (unless he took the pace off to go wide to forehand on the deuce court).

2. Even with Sampras' shoulder trouble, he outplayed Agassi for most of the match, winning the 1st two sets 6-2 6-2, and despite Agassi rallying won the 5th set 6-4 after 3 successive breaks. Then he really took care of Becker. So it shows that serving hard is not enough to beat the best players in the world, Sampras backed up his serve with good movement, good net play and good groundstrokes, that's why he won a lot more tournaments than other attacking players with big serves. That is often overlooked because a lot of people can only focus on one thing, his serve, and not acknowledge his other attributes. Not everyone but enough people to cause lots of discussions and arguments on internet forums!
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