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Default Local League Rules

Anyone have any kind thoughts on a rule that would hinder/prevent whole teams from other districts from coming to our local league?

We live in a large metro area. Within in a 50 mile radius there are 4 districts and almost 100 local leagues-all within the same USTA section. The smaller local leagues are besieged by teams looking for a shot to make Sectionals/Nationals. Recently, a team lost in their district, came to play and won in ours, and then defaulted when they got to Sectionals. This does not happen when the players and live in our local area.

I was thinking of a maybe a residency % rule, or captain residency rule, or something like that. Just picture it: every year you never get to experience Sectionals or Nationals because teams from other localities bring their best players to your tiny league and knock you out. Your district is always represented by people who live elsewhere and sometimes really don't care. Again, your considerate thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
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