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Originally Posted by Smasher08 View Post
Definitely give it more time -- like until the 8 hour mark. You'll find both more spin and a little more pop by then.

The other thing that you'll come to realize is that the setup rewards swinging out, and once you get the hang of it, you'll start noticing that you're hitting more winners and unreturnables.

Just remember that this is a new setup for you, and there'll be a adjustment period, so feel free to experiment a little.

And as you point out, the other option is to go a few pounds lower in the future.
for me I find this feels great right off the bat. It does settle in a little bit but I don't find it *needs* a break in period. Two differences for me though are VS 17g instead of Pacific and my tensions are 55/48.

On a side note, the MSV Co-focus 1.18 definately cuts through the gut faster than the Silverstring 17g I have in another frame with the same setup.
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