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With all this talk of footfaulting I decided to put my serve to the camera test for the second time. I've been accused of foot faulting due to a minor two foot shuffle. What folks don't realize is that I start 6-8 in behind the line. Yes, the front foot may in forward but I'm still behind the line.

20 second serves -> 1 FF (This one was a really bad loss of balance line cross. If someone called me on it no problem.
10 first serve kickers -> 0 FF
10 s & v serves -> 2 FF (Line touches)
20 3/4 control first servers -> 1 FF (Loss of balance with a line touch but it went into the net.

In conclusion unless I'm trying to get to net or I have a form break footfaulting it's probably not happening.

Get a camera, set it up and show the accused results. Nuff said.
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