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Originally Posted by dcdoorknob View Post
Why do people feel the need to make things so complicated? If it is blatant, then bring it up directly (and I mean like early on, not like after an ace in the 2nd set ). You have a right to do so, and they shouldn't get upset over you bringing it up. If they do, that's really their problem, not yours.

All these 'I'll sugar coat my complaint in an insincere compliment' or 'well I'll foot fault too to send a message', or other like options range from inefficiently indirect to downright passive-aggressive. I tell you what, tactics like that are easy to see through and they annoy me a heck of a lot more than a simple direct approach. Maybe that's the real intent of those approaches after all, to be condescending or antagonistic rather than to simply try to resolve the issue.
No, I want to resolve the issue. The problem, as I stated before, is that if you tell someone before a match that they are a foot faulter, it will inevitably screw up their performance..that is if they care to not cheat. Ajusting your serve at the start of a match is a recipe for disaster, and I don't want to win that way.

Telling a guy after a match is sour grapes unless you have beaten which case, could also be interpreted as "I would have beat your *** worse if you weren't foot faulting".

As I stated before, I will play this guy again and if we at least split sets I'll bring it up post match in a friendly manner.
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