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The reason I suggested using finishing tape (duct tape or whatever you have around) is so you can temporarily attach the lead tape to the racquet without having to peel off the adheasive backing. This way you can move it around and to find out where you like the lead the most. All you need to do is attach it to the racquet so it won’t fly off when hitting - any tape placed over the lead tape will do. Once you’ve decided where it should go (or if at all) you can peel off the backing from the lead tape and attach it. If you peel off the backing and attach the lead tape before doing this and then want to move the weight, you’ve ruined the lead tape and will have to start fresh. Using the finishing tape will allow you to keep the lead tape intact until you decide on its location.
Also, the lead tape should not take off the paint.

Chris, TW.
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