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ok it seems I will be buying my tickets soon... so now I need help translating the pricing structures:

ground pass: what does this mean? does it allow me to enter the arena/facility, but NOT to watch the games? it seems awfully cheap... if that's the case, do I need ground pass to watch the games even though I have the event tickets?

at this point I'm considering of watching the quarter finals / semis and finals (maybe just men's)

Quarter finals - Tues 24 Jan- Wed 25 Jan 2012
Day Adult $242.90 Concession $216.90
Night Adult $242.90 Concession $216.90

-> does it mean that I can watch ALL (men's and women's) quarterfinal matches? what's the time switch between day and night? which one do you think have better games?

Semi finals - Thurs 26 Jan + choice of 1 men's semi final
Day Adult $336.90 Concession $326.90

Does it mean that I can watch ALL women's semifinal ( 2 games) and 1 men's semi?

Finals weekend -Women's/Men's final (limited availability)
Adult $609.90 Concession $569.90

This is probably obvious and stupid question.... so basically I get to watch BOTH men's and women's final?

Thanks for the help.. you can see I'm new at this.. and not planning to do very often so I want to get the fullest experience as possible...

p.s. caps aren't intended for shouting... I just figure it's easier to read this way
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