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Well, it was all too good to be true really.....

Scorpion 17 @ 52lbs CP, 95 18x20:

0-2 hours: Fantastic. String feels wonderfully crisp yet comfortable, offers so much control, precision and consistency from the stringbed. It's impossible to miss or hit the ball out with this setup. This is pure control central. You can fully hit out without fear of the ball sailing on you, and it gives you such a great platform for you to construct points, move your opponent around, and open up the court. It flatters you as a player and makes you look like someone with a very controlled, precise hitting, placement based game. Not a great deal of spin or action on the ball (though spin is there) but it compensates through the control that it offers and the platform it gives you in terms of ball placement.

2-4 hours: The string is starting to lose some of its precision and consistency. By the 4 hour mark, the response off the stringbed is starting to feel slightly inconsistent and shots are occassionally 'loose.'

4-8 hours: During this stage it feels as if it's lost a fair bit of tension. It's as it most of the 'goodness' and has already been squeezed out of the string. It still provides a reasonably consistent response off the string bed, but its not particularly crisp (unless you really hit through the stringbed). Its not as consistent as during the 0-2 hour mark, and it feels just slightly...dull and just that little bit 'rubbery'. It's playable but it feels as if its already gone past its window of peak performance. It feels a bit like a slightly stiffer version Gosen White.

8 hours+: The string feels dull and shots don't feel as if they have the same sort of 'snap' as when the string was in the 0-2 hour window. I was crying out for more spin and action on the ball and wishing it just had just that bit more 'pizzaz'. It does feel just that bit dull and its not offering huge amounts of control as compensation. It really does feel not far off a synthetic gut like Gosen White after a few hours hitting, in terms of its performance.

Overall, I'm going to adjust the overall score slightly to 4.5/5 for the first 3 hours, and then 4/5 after that. I'm not go change the 'feel' score either. It feels wonderfully crisp during the first couple of hours, but you really can't feel the ball particularly well for touch play such as drop shots or drop volleys. BHBR17 for example feels noticeably softer and offers better feel for touch shots and droppers. It's a very different feeling string to BHBR17.

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