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Originally Posted by iyudhi View Post
ok it seems I will be buying my tickets soon... so now I need help translating the pricing structures:

ground pass: what does this mean? does it allow me to enter the arena/facility, but NOT to watch the games? it seems awfully cheap... if that's the case, do I need ground pass to watch the games even though I have the event tickets?

at this point I'm considering of watching the quarter finals / semis and finals (maybe just men's)

Quarter finals - Tues 24 Jan- Wed 25 Jan 2012
Day Adult $242.90 Concession $216.90
Night Adult $242.90 Concession $216.90

-> does it mean that I can watch ALL (men's and women's) quarterfinal matches? what's the time switch between day and night? which one do you think have better games?

Semi finals - Thurs 26 Jan + choice of 1 men's semi final
Day Adult $336.90 Concession $326.90

Does it mean that I can watch ALL women's semifinal ( 2 games) and 1 men's semi?

Finals weekend -Women's/Men's final (limited availability)
Adult $609.90 Concession $569.90

This is probably obvious and stupid question.... so basically I get to watch BOTH men's and women's final?

Thanks for the help.. you can see I'm new at this.. and not planning to do very often so I want to get the fullest experience as possible...

p.s. caps aren't intended for shouting... I just figure it's easier to read this way
The Ground Pass gets you into the complex but doesnt allow you access to Centre Court and Hisense Arena. It allows you to go on all the show courts. If you have a ticket you dont need to buy a ground pass.

The quarters there are 3 in the day session (2 women and 1 mens, vice-versa if you go to the other quarters). The night session is usually 1 mens quarters and a doubles match. the time switch is when the "day session" id over, so all matches are completed. Day session usually starts at 11am and finishes by 4pm. if the matches go longer say to 10pm you can stay.

The semis. Thats right you get 2 womens semis and a choice of 1 mens semis.
No. that is the price for 1 final. The packages for both mens and womens final are over AUD$1000.

Im working at the 2012 Aus Open, and if you have any more questions feel free to ask me
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