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thanks for the reply...

sorry but more questions (you can see that I'm getting very excited)

if I buy the package for the final, that gets me to both men's single AND double final? and that's why the price is doubled compared to buy men's single final?

and it seems that the pre-sale period has been closed? I'm afraid I might be missing something because I don't see the link the purchase the tickets.

Originally Posted by fantasticfed View Post
It gets you into all quarter finals( not 100% sure). THe 29th is the last day, and that is only for the mens and mens doubles final.

so if I have a ticket I can enter all the side courts? is it only for that particular day or can I go every day (even though I have no tickets for the other days)?

Lets say you have a ticket for the first day. That gets you into the ground for the whole day. If you go the next day with that exact same ticket, they wont let you in. so its only for the day you have a ticket. And yes by centre court, i mean RLA.
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