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I've not taken any uber multi-vitamin supplements in a quite a while (or even the cheaper 1-a-day). However, I might be tempted to try Orange Triad for a while (but I doubt that I would take 6/day; perhaps only 3-4/day). ADAM from Now (Foods) looks very impressive as well and is quite a cheaper. You might consider alternating the 2 products to save some coin.

Took a look at some reviews at various sites and the general consensus on both Orange Triad and ADAM was very positive. Many commented on the high price of the former. Some positive feedback on the joint support and the digestive support of Orange Triad. ADAM appears to have digestive enzymes as well (but does not have the joint complex).

Even with one of these products, I'd still be tempted to add some additional vitamin D. Might also consider a food carotene product if you believe that you are not getting enough from your fruit and vegetable intake. In addition to β-carotene, a food carotene product would also include α-carotene, possibly γ-carotene, and various oxygenated carotenoids (such as lutein, zeaxanthin, etc.).

You might also want to look for a vitamin E source that contains more than just α-Tocopherol. Some foods and supplements also contain a number of other vitamin E compounds -- a mix of various tocopherols and tocotrienols.
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