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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Oh, I am working out and exercising so much that I felt the need to make a few changes. If I was more laid back currently, I would be fine with the Centrum possibly.
I think that's the point of disagreement. Is there really a need? None of us here is working as hard as college/pro/Olympic athletes and the majority of these guys/gals do just fine with whole foods.

I have personal experience as an athlete at Tech. The multis on hand were Nature Made (can get them anywhere and always test high for actually containing what the label says) but were only recommended for those with horrible dietary practices. They have also used the "chocolate milk" post-recovery drinks for years, even before it was fashionable. I know their former sports dietitian well (Amy Freel)-she just moved to Indiana U. This link has a nice article about Nebraska's sports nutrition program and the focus on whole foods.

Last I heard about Liz Applegate (UC-Davis professor), she was still team nutritionist for the Oakland Raiders and I know for sure she only recommends supplements as a last resort.
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