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You have "the fever" as much as people around here.

Everyone is going to ski fitness classes now. Which doesn't seem to matter because all these people are still sore as hell the morning after their first day anyway.

I don't think anything can beat last year. Best year on record. Almost 800". The Bird was still open on July 4th and there was still snow when I was hiking up at Alta earlier this month. I think this is the first year the snow didn't fully melt.

BYU has this great 2 for 1 pass to Snowbird every year. It's the real deal. It can be used any day of the year (except over Christmas / New Year) and can be used on non-consecutive days. Best deal I know of.

Oh ya, the catch is, you have to buy them in person at BYU's ticket window. But, you can find them on Fbay or KSL classified (our local on-line classifieds) for ~$90 usually. Which is still pretty damn good. The BYU thing is weird even for locals. It isn't really advertised. You just have to know about it. I've called the ticket office in the past and the students answering the phone seem (or at least act) clueless. But, the day they go on sale, there are people that buy thousands of dollars worth to these things and sell them. There is no limit to how many you can buy (as far as I know) so they go really fast.
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