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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I was having trouble with recovery and this is why the doc suggested the change. I'll be honest, so far it has really helped me out.

The 2nd link you posted says they do use supps, they just scrutinize them to make sure they are NCAA compliant . And I know they do for a fact anyway. I have close friends that played D1 NCAA football and all took issued supplements. What they are doing now is designing specific diets for each athlete, and that definitely makes a difference as well.

I don't train like a pro athlete, but I would say I train harder than the average person. 75 miles a week on the cycle, 3-4 days in the gym, 6-10 a week of tennis. It gets to you and can be tough to recover.
Yes, they do issue supplements but these "supplements" are typically limited to a common multivite (such as Nature Made) and post-recovery drinks like Gatorade and something with a 2:1 carb/protein ratio. Nothing fancy. As the sports RD from 'Bama mentioned, the goal is to feed athletes the proper diet so the "other things" aren't necessary. When I first got to Tech, creatine was the big thing and all the strength coaches were pushing it. We literally had giant vats of it laying around. But that went bye bye pretty quickly. Supplements aren't just issued when athletes get on campus. He/She may have a one-on-one with the sports RD and if you have someone that just won't eat fruits/veggies, they'll get a multi. This is pretty common practice throughout the NCAA from my experience, as I played in the ACC, worked in this capacity with an SEC school and another ACC school. I teach now in the Cal system (and work in pediatrics) but have a lot of contact with the athletic programs...practice is nearly identical to my past experiences.
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