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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
Yes, they do issue supplements but these "supplements" are typically limited to a common multivite (such as Nature Made) and post-recovery drinks like Gatorade and something with a 2:1 carb/protein ratio. Nothing fancy. As the sports RD from 'Bama mentioned, the goal is to feed athletes the proper diet so the "other things" aren't necessary. When I first got to Tech, creatine was the big thing and all the strength coaches were pushing it. We literally had giant vats of it laying around. But that went bye bye pretty quickly. Supplements aren't just issued when athletes get on campus. He/She may have a one-on-one with the sports RD and if you have someone that just won't eat fruits/veggies, they'll get a multi. This is pretty common practice throughout the NCAA from my experience, as I played in the ACC, worked in this capacity with an SEC school and another ACC school. I teach now in the Cal system (and work in pediatrics) but have a lot of contact with the athletic programs...practice is nearly identical to my past experiences.
Yeah, I would say Bama is one of the best nutrition programs in the NCAA. As a regular weightlifting, active guy it is tough to get that type of nutrition without serious assistance. I mean, I wish I could recover as well as I do now just drinking the chocolate milk recoveries and eating my healthy diet. It just did not work out for me, and I eat very healthy.

Anyway, I am not a massive supplement hound by any means. But I do need the joint and digestive support, as I have noticed a difference rather fast there. For me, the Orange Triad is extremely thorough in giving me all of those things. For others, a Centrum will work. I was taking Centrum complete for 2 years and needed more.
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