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Hmmm. I can't think of a time when I have kicked someone off the team. It may have happened, but nothing is coming to mind. I think I would only do that for blatant lateness/no-show, failure to pay court fees, etc.

I have had at least one player leave by mutual agreement (meaning they stormed off in a huff and I didn't beg them to stay). The lady in question was difficult to play with. The walls were closing in on me as I tried many different partners and none worked out. Finally, I paired her with the single most delightful player on the team, and even that lady couldn't deal with her.

I tried to counsel the player and tell her to change some things about her on-court conduct, and she chose to leave instead.

I certainly will exercise the right to use someone less if they are creating problems of any sort. My ladies are awesome, so this hardly ever happens.
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