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I also have a LIte....late model, maybe 3 months old

When I got it something was wrong with the board and it would only spit out balls at fairly high speed and with a tad of backspin.

Had to set the machine at the back fence and even then, they mostly were landing beyond the opposite baseline.

Had a feed gearbox die, and most recently I've notice that the plastic carousel which used to be a tight fit on the g-box shaft, is now getting looser.

A ball got hit back into the machine and jammed the wheels. The breaker kicked, but once things were unjammmed, it starting launching at high speed/backspin only mode....again.

Seems that this can happen anytime and nothing can be done to prevent it...probably the same with most other brands?

Occasional double feed, like some others, but not too often.

I hated that there were always 7 to 10 balls left in the hopper, but that's taken care of with my $1 mod.

SP has reacted very quickly to keep me up and running, so that is excellent service for sure.

Any others with non SP machines?

I'm trying to decide whether to keep it once it's off warranty or sell it.
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