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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
Why do Europeans live longer than Americans? Per surveys, they take far few supplements/vites than we do. Why do Okinawans have such a long life expectancy? Again, supplement/vitamin useage is rare. Same goes for 7th day Adventists, likely the longest-living population in North America (most are vegetarian). How can people over in the Beatles/Rolling Stones thread actually vote for the Stones? The world has gone mad!!!!
Your logic is seriously flawed. Americans are unhealthy for a variety of reasons: eat too much, overweight, fast foods, sedentary lifestyle, stress....need I say more?

Here's what I know:

- I take Creatine, I can lift more weight. I stop taking it, I can't lift as much.

- Without joint supplements I can play tennis about twice a week, I'm stiff as heck, and I have pain. With joint supplements I can play every day if I want, and the other problems are much less.

- On my normal diet, my doctor tells me my cholesterol is too high. After I add fish oil, flax oil, and niacin, my cholesterol is normal on the same diet.

Supplements have a lot of valid scientific research behind them. It's a fact that we don't produce the same chemicals in our bodies that we did when we were younger. Supplements help to get some of that back.

You can try to get all these supplements through diet, but for some supplements it's just not possible, and for others it's too much of a pain and expense.
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