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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
You should be old enough to have figured out that nobody appreciates a snide know it all who actually knows nothing about the topic. I'll ignore you for now, since you add nothing to the site for me anyway, and I don't need the derailing argument you are seeking out.

And you are right, health science has not evolved since you were young. Only tennis racquets and strings right? And you call me dumb, that's just idiocy.
I think your emotions are misdirected. My original point is that there is a lack of data (clinical studies to back up the much ballyhooed "improvements" of premium products). We can have an intellectual discussion of why that is, and we all have opinions in the absence of solid data, why or why not this or that product is likely to be better than another one, or not.

That sort of discussion is the heart and soul of Net Forums. No need to get personal ("That's completely false and uninformed.")
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